Introducing Human Lambdas Run

April 22, 2021

Bernat Fages

Our goal at Human Lambdas is to help accelerate the adoption of Human in the Loop. We believe this will only happen if it becomes more accessible for companies of any size. To that end, we have been adding a number of capabilities to the Human Lambdas platform to allow anyone integrate the Human in the Loop paradigm into their business. Today, we announce a new product, which we call Run.

In the last several months, we have been investing in making queues more powerful so we could support more use cases. While this has opened the doors for more possibilities, a common hurdle that has surfaced is the burden that owning a Human in the Loop operation poses on our customers. This is evidenced by the amount of referrals to BPOs we are asked to make.

Because companies rarely have the bandwidth or the cost structure to justify owning these types of processes, they have to hire a BPO to own the process. This doesn't come without shortcomings: the normally high minimum budget requirements, time commitments on internal stakeholders and added communication overhead are some examples. This leaves this option out of reach for smaller companies while making it a chore for those that can.

In a way, Human Lambdas has already been built with the goal of eradicating many of these externalities, which similarly manifest even in-house. As we make building, running and monitoring Human in the Loop flows easier for everyone, a natural next step is to simplify how these processes get outsourced.

This takes us to Run, the simplest way to delegate Human in the Loop queue execution to Human Lambdas' own workforce. Run acts as your own virtual BPO within the Human Lambdas platform. It's always available, a couple of clicks away from taking over any task.

By providing a lower friction and more flexible option, we hope many of you will find Run a more suitable model for your operational needs.

Run follows a usage based pricing model that scales with your work volumes so you pay exactly for what you've used. Not more, not less. And as we keep improving our software to increase the performance of any user in the platform, you'll automatically accrue efficiency and quality gains, thereby constantly improving ROI.

If you're new to Human Lambdas, sign up so you can try it out. If you're already a user and want to learn more, head over to the Run section in the Docs. And if you have any questions, feel free to reach out at We're looking forward to see what new opportunities this will unlock for you.