NLP Text Categorization

Machine Learning

Text classification is a common NLP problem for which we need to build a process that allows us to display one or more words, sentences or paragraphs alongside those categories that constitute the taxonomy we are modeling against.

No matter how your data is structured, you can use Human Lambdas to build a data labelling UI that suits your requirements. Reorder and resize any of the UI's blocks to ensure information is presented optimally to avoid mistakes and speed up the labelling process.

Push data from your systems to the workflow via the API, and receive labels as soon as they're completed via Webhooks. Make use of our CSV import/export capabilities if you want to label data in batches and not have to deal with technical integrations.

Remember that you can review completed labels via Audits and understand your labelling costs via Metrics, all of which is handled automatically so you can effortlessly get the 360-degree view of your labelling process.