Zapier Automation Manual Approvals

Workflow Automation

If you are a Zapier pro, chances are you are building quite complex automations that do a lot of heavy-lifting for you. As this complexity grows, the scope for edge cases also increases. This causes errors that can sometimes be expensive. Adding a manual review step at the end of a Zap allows you to enjoy the benefits of automation while remaining in control.

With Human Lambdas you can build a manual step that shows your automation's data so you can review it, and if necessary correct, before you approve it for completion.

This example represents the output of a Zap that generates an automated quote email, based on a series of calculations performed upon information supplied by the prospect via a form. In this scenario, one of the formulas could break and you would send an incorrect quote to a prospective customer.

With Human Lambdas' native Zapier support, adding a manual step to a Zap becomes a breeze.