Use Cases

Expense Approvals

Create an expense approvals management system that can be customized to your team's needs, whatever those are.


Car Damage Evaluation

Create a data labelling tool to inspect a car from all sides at once so you can generate high quality training data more efficiently.

Machine Learning

NLP Text Categorization

Build a tool to annotate email data to train an NLP categorization model.

Machine Learning

Zapier Automation Manual Approvals

Create a manual approval step at the end of a Zapier automation to automate your work while staying in control.

Workflow Automation

Payment Refunds

Build a UI to effortlessly view and process customer refund requests.


Quality Control of ML predictions

Create an efficient process to evaluate model predictions that will allow you to systematically spot accuracy regressions.

Machine Learning

User Onboarding

Keep an organized queue of user registrations that you and your team can move through your onboarding process.


AML Compliance

A manual review workflow for users or transactions flagged for manual approval due to a potential AML risk.


User Comments Moderation

Create a review queue to moderate user comments relayed through user reports or text classifiers.

Content Moderation

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